What to put for desired salary

Yes of course it’s very difficult to judge any hidden offer and the surprise we can get. The same type of situation can arise in front of the people who are going for an interview. Have you faced this situation in an interview or job application “what to put desired salary on job applications”, and we are explaining here the best answer for the question, what is your desired salary?

There are two different scenarios that can happen, one is you are just trying to get the job first time as a fresher to get your first starting salary. We will check both cases and see what to put for desired salary in each case.

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And the second one is you are already working somewhere and wish to switch your job for a new position in a new company etc. in both cases the answer for what to put the desired salary is quite almost similar.

Let’s deep dive into details.

The Best 3 Answers for What is Your Desired Salary In Interview

Once you have some hope for this job, then you have to make space for further discussion about the salary. Never too hurry to disclose any number to put for desired salary. Actually, the numbers speak a lot about your work potential.

Desired salary Answer #1:

I am working in such n such company at a base salary of $40,000. Still not thinking about any specific number that can be achieved in the next position. However, I am ready to consider the offer you have for me.

Desired salary Answer #2:

I am looking for a position that’s the best fit for my skills and career growth. Once i found such an opportunity, definitely, I will consider the offer.

Desired salary Answer#3

Here is a little technique you have to apply to know actually what they wish to pay for this position at this time. To get some basic idea about their budget. You need to put this question to the interviewer without disclosing any specific number.

Once you got a budget idea then you can easily decide the offer suits you or not.

Well before going to decide your salary, you must know about minimum wage for that state also. You can read everything in details at minimum wage article.

What to Put for Desired Salary on Job Applications

The best way to answer desired salary or salary expectations on a job application is to leave the field blank or write ‘Negotiable’ instead of providing a specific number. It is only to make room for further discussion at the time of the interview.

If the online application won’t accept alphabetical text, then enter numbers “999,” or “000”Then, look for a notes section later in the job application and write, “Regarding desired salary, this is negotiable and can be discussed in the interview.”

It is not beneficial in any way for you to write your desired salary on job applications.

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