What is a six figure salary

Everyone has a dream to earn a Six figure salary. In an easy word you can say that a six-figure salary is an ideal salary for a human. 6 digits income is the earning between $100,000 and $999,999 per year.

In America, it is a dream of people to have a six figure salary. It is a ticket to not only accumulating wealth but living your life as an upper-middle-class lifestyle. Some people are making $100,000 per year and it is helping them to live an ideal lifestyle.

Many believe a six digits income isn’t enough to live a lavish lifestyle. Inflation is the main reason behind this. In this article, you will get to know what is six digits salary is. And why some people are working hard to earn more than $100,000.

What Life you will get with 6 figure earnings… can you imagine?

Meaning of Six Figure Salary?

In an easy word you can say that if a person is earning $100,000 or more than that and less than one million then he\she is having 6 digits or six digits income. Earning a 6 figure income is not easy but not that hard as well.

 If you are taking a six figure earnings then you will be treated with more respect. Many are working hard to get jobs that will pay them 6-digits salaries.

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There are numerous job opportunities that will help you to make $100,000 or more. In past, people use to recommend having a job like a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. Now, in modern times it’s not mandatory to become a lawyer or doctor to earn $100,000. According to census income and poverty in the united states, read more on census.gov.

Jobs that will help you earn a Six figure salary?

In the modern period, there are numerous job opportunities that led to earning $100,000. Let’s discuss some popular jobs you can do if you want to earn a 6 digits income and live a lavish lifestyle.

Six figure salary


Physician Assistants

Becoming a physician assistant in the US is one of the great opportunities you can grab if you want to earn $100,000. The subsequent need for quality healthcare is rising in the US. Physician assistants work under physicians to provide healthcare services, counseling.

 You must already know that to become a physician you need a medical degree. But to become a physician assistant you just need a master’s degree from an accredited educational program designed for physician assistants.

 The annual mean wage a physician assistant receives in the US is $104,760. Therefore it is a great option that you can grab if you want to earn a 6 digits income.

Software Developers and Programmers

Nowadays software developers and programmers are in high demand not only in the US but everywhere. The job of software developers and programmers is to create computer programs, network systems, application designs for electronic devices.

You need a bachelor’s degree and technical knowledge to become a software developer and programmer. The annual mean wage of a software developer and programmer is $102,470.

Marketing and Sales Managers

Marketing and sales managers are rising day by day in the US. This job is in high demand these days. They need to task with developing strategies to grow revenue by attracting new clients or old ones.

 You need to have good communication or convincing skill to be a part of marketing and sales manager’s industries. You should know how to create new and innovative ideas to make a good impression on your clients.

The required education needed in this field is a bachelor’s degree. The annual wage of marketing and sales managers is $140,600.

Financial Managers

Financial managers are required in every field. The responsibility of financial managers is to look after financial activities such as accounting, investing, banking, and insurance.

Required education to become a financial manager is a bachelor’s degree and you have to be good at finance. The average annual mean wage of a financial manager is $143,530. The financial manager is also among the best option to earn a six digits income.

Apart from these jobs, there are several more job opportunities that you can grab to become a six digits earnings holder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a six figure salary?

Earning between $100,000 and $999,999 is considered a six figure salary.

Is a six figure salary is a good salary?

Yes, for some six figure income is like dream come true. On other hand, a six figure income doesn’t seem enough for some people.

Why six figure salary is not enough?

A six figure salary is a good amount of salary but in metropolitan cities of the US, it’s not enough. The main reason behind this is inflation. Here you can check ways to make a 6 digits salary at wikijobs.

Can I earn a six figure salary if I become human resources manager?

Yes, you can become a six digits earnings holder by working as human resources manager. The annual mean wage of human resources managers is $123,510.


Earning a six-figure income is a dream for many people on the other hand it doesn’t seem enough. If you live in the metropolitan cities of the US then earning $100,000 doesn’t seem enough because of inflation.

You can live a lavish lifestyle by holding a six figure income in rural areas or small cities but in the cities like Los Angeles, you may face a struggle to manage your expenses in a six digits income.

Therefore for some people, a six figure salary is like dream come true but for some, it’s not. Inflation is rising day by day which also increases the salary demands of people.