Credit score to lease a car
  • 729 is the average credit score required to lease a car.
  • A reliable borrower is required for leasing car.
  • A low credit score also you can lease a car.
  • 680 is an average score required to lease a BMW car.
  • Before going to lease a car you should build your credit score.

Credit score plays an important role in leasing a vehicle. Your credit score decides how much you will pay for your car.

There is no medium to know the minimum credit score required to lease a car. The credit score required to lease a car depends on a lot of factors. It depends on the type of vehicle you are looking for and its down payment.

According to a survey, the average credit score required is 729. People having a credit score between 661 to 780 are considered as prime. Such customers are on the prime list of lenders. They easily get a lease or finance for vehicles.

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What is a counter check?

What Credit Score Is Needed To Lease A Car

A financing company needs a reliable borrower. Before confirming your lease application your credit score is checked.

Having a prime credit score is an advantage as it is beneficial.

A score between 620 to 679 is an average score for leasing a car. And a score between 680 to 729 is an ideal score which most of the dealers prefer while dealing with the car on lease.

You can get a car on lease with a lower credit score also. But this will come with some extra cost. You might need to pay a higher interest rate or a huge down payment.

Minimum Credit Score To Lease A Car

At a score lower than 680 also you can lease a car. With a minimum credit score, you need to face some hurdles.

A lender might decide a car for you to lease. With a low credit score you might not get a car of your choice.

A higher rate of interest on lease is also a factor. A bad score means you need to pay more interest every month. A high security deposit can also be requested by the lender. One with a low credit score might need to pay more deposit for covering the risk of return.

If you do not qualify for a lease then you can transfer a lease. From some known who no more wants a car lease can transfer the lease to your name. Then you can take over their payments.

Leasing A Car With Bad Credit

Leasing a car with a bad credit score can result in high finance cost and third-party dealerships.

High cost finance means you have a bad credit score. And having a bad credit score can result in higher charges.

Lender’s reliability is less in such cases and to overcome that factor cost in financing a car goes high. At the time of leasing consumers, creditworthiness plays an important role.

Minimum credit score to lease a car


Third-party dealership is a kind of financing institute. It helps those whose lease applications are rejected. They offer you a lease of some old cars.

Such institutes charge high rent. Generally, they do not even provide any coverage or insurance for a care while leasing it.

Credit Score To Lease A BMW

For leasing a BMW you will probably need a credit score of 680. A customer even with a lower score has got BMW on lease. But they have taken it at a higher down payment.

You can qualify for Tier 1 of BMW if your credit score is 750 and above. This comes with a lower rate of interest.

If you are a regular customer with a good credit score then you will also get a loyalty discount.

How To Build Your Credit Score Before You Go To Lease A Car?

  • Balances on credit cards should be reduced with time. You must start paying off all the balances of credit cards as soon as possible. 30% or less balance of your credit limit can help you in improving your credit score.
  • Clear all your dues and bills on time. Utility bills, credit card bills, phone bills, etc. should be paid on time to show yourself as a responsible customer. Payments on time will help you in building your credit score.
  • You must keep your credit account open. This reflects positively in your credit report.
  • Annually you must check your credit report. This helps you in maintaining your creditworthiness if any error occurs. Every 30 days or 45 days lenders update their customer’s profile. And during that period sometimes error occurs. But a regular check will help you in getting detailed information on your credit report.


Always negotiate with the dealer before you lease a car. Not all fees are to be paid which are explained by the dealer. One must do the research of the car before leasing it, do the comparison of prices with different dealers, and broaden your choices (do not stick to one car). All these tips will help you in saving money.

One of the best ways to lower your leasing cost is to improve your credit score. Keep working on building your credit score.  You can very easily check your credit score for free from any of the credit bureaus. The tips to build your credit score are mentioned above.

There are many factors that might affect leasing a car. So take care to keep a check on your credit worthiness.

Leasing a car with a bad credit score can come with a high down payment. With a bad score, you might need to pay a higher rate of interest monthly.

It is important to build your credit score before you go to a dealer for leasing a car.