How to save money when youre broke

Saving is very hard even harder when you are broke. Sometimes we overspend on things that make us broke. If you are looking for some useful ideas that will help you to save money when you are broke, then you are reading the right article.

There is numerous method that will help you to save money when you are broke. Don’t forget to make a budget. One of the best ways to save money is to make an ideal budget and remain stick to it. Don’t worry about it, in this article all your doubts will get clear. Just read this article.

Easy Methods To Save Money When You’re Broke

How to save money when you have no money


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Make A Budget And Stick To It

Yes, you might already know that making a budget and stick to it will help you to save some extra money. The reason we end up getting broke is we overspend. If you make a budget and spend according to your budget you won’t spend extra dollars.

Spending according to budget will not only help you to save extra money when you are broke. It will also help you to track where you are spending your money. Therefore making an ideal budget plan will help you to save dollars when you are broke.

Cut The Unnecessary Items

We all know sometimes we spend our precious dollars on unnecessary things that are in for no use. Unnecessary items refer to those items which we buy because we like or peer pressure.

For example, you don’t enough money and you need to save some money, but you decide to buy a new game just because your friends bought the same game. If you think practically then you didn’t need that game but you bought it peer pressure.

 It leads to unnecessary spending and makes you broke. Avoid buying these kinds of unnecessary items if you want to save money when you are already broke and badly need to save money. Get the fastest way to save $1000 when need in urgent, this method may help you in an emergency.

Grow Your Income

If you want to save money faster because you broke very badly, then growing your income will help you to save some extra dollars. Ask your HR to increase your income or start working a side hustle.

Start doing freelance blogging, content creator, web designing. There are several options you can try to earn by doing side work. You can work at restaurants, could be a babysitter. You can also share your apartment and find a new roommate to share the rent.

It will help you to save money when you are broke and can’t find any way to save extra dollars. Therefore you must try this method to save some dollars.

Open A Separate Saving Account

Opening a separate savings account will help you a lot to save money. When you open a savings account you put a small part of your income every single time you get your salary.

 The amount you save in your saving account is the money you save to use in your emergencies. Emergencies like a health emergency, financial emergency, and many more.

Always choose the right bank open your savings account. Choose the bank that provides a good amount of interest on the money you are saving in your account.

Sell Unnecessary Items From Your House

Sometimes we keep some unused items at our house. You should sell them and earn a little bit of money. You might also get a huge amount of money on selling some old antique pieces.

You can sell your old furniture, old car, old home appliances, etc. To add some money into your savings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I save money by not eating outside?

Yes, you can save money by not eating out. You can cook your meal at home and some dollars.

How can save money if I am broke?

At first, it might sound hard to save money when you are broke. You can still save money if you are broke. You just need to cut off your unnecessary expenses and spend according to your budget.

Can freelancing help me to save money if I am broke?

Yes, doing work as a freelancer can make your saving easier because freelancing can become your side income. It will help you to save more dollars.


We all get through that time when we are broke and need to save money. In the above article, you will find some easy and right methods that will help you to save money when you are broke. In the beginning, you will find it hard to save money but once you make saving your habit it becomes easier over time. Therefore don’t forget to try these methods to save extra dollars on your bad days or for your bad days.