How to save money in college

There are numerous ways that will help you in saving money in your college life. You are not the one who is looking for these ideas. Everyone wants to save money as much as they can. Saving money in college life might be hard for many, but after reading this article you will get answers to all of your questions or doubts you have in your mind.

Yes, it’s not easy to save money but it is nowadays it has become a necessity. In college life, we always use to overspend on things. Making a budget and then stick to it is one of the easiest ways to save money in college.

Creative Ways To Save Money In College


Creative ways to save money in college

Top universities [1]’ expenditure is also very high as everyone knows. So it’s better to develop savings habits [2] in college days. You will get amazing results in the future in terms of financial stability.

Save Money On Books In College

Saving is very important so is buying books. We are not telling you to stop buying books, instead of that, you must check the price of a book at different-different book stores before buying it. You can also choose to buy second-hand books from your seniors or from any book store instead of buying the new one.

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Save Money On Transportation In College

If you live inside the campus or your resident is not far from college then you don’t need to worry about the transportation charges. If you live far from the college or you prefer going to college in a fancy car.

You need to stop that in process of saving cash. Instead of going to college in a fancy car you can use public transport or use a bicycle. We all know that maintaining a car is much more expensive than buying one. Therefore if you want to save cash then you should use public transportation more often.

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Save Money On Housing In College

If living inside the campus is quite more expensive then you should start looking for a new place for living. Always try to live with a roommate so you can split the rent bills. Live with your family if possible.

 Avoid buying expensive or extra decorative items for your house. Do your own laundry and clean your house by yourself instead of paying any housekeeper or maid.

Save Money On Clothes In College

In college, everyone buys those branded kinds of stuff for themselves just to look cool or superior among their friends. Stop buying branded clothes. Stop spending on unnecessary cash or saving just to buy Gucci.

Buy clothes from thrift stores, Always look for a discount when you go shopping for yourself. Switching to thrift stores will definitely help you save your cash for further uses.

Save Money On Food In College

We all love to go out and hang out with our friends or squad and we spend lots of money on restaurants and café food. You should totally avoid going out for dinner or buying lunch each day for yourself.

Start making your own meal. Avoid buying that expensive coffee from Starbucks. Brew your own coffee. Always split the bills with you when you choose to go out for food.

Save Money Grocery Shopping In College

Grocery shopping isn’t an easy thing to do because we aren’t good at this like our mother. You should always buy necessary grocery products.

 Don’t spend too much cash on snacks. Always check the price of products and make a budget for your grocery shopping. Stick to the budget don’t overspend.

Save Money For A Car In College

If you have a car and you use your car for travel everywhere. If you want to save money on garages then you should know how to repair small damage like you can learn how to change tier by yourself, and other small things.

Always take your car for service on time so you drive easily and keep your car away from damage. Wash your car by yourself instead of giving it to garages and spend money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to save money for travel in college?

You can save money on traveling in college by choosing a public or local transport service rather than using a car.

Can you save money by making a budget?

Yes, you can easily save money if you make a genuine budget and spend according to that.


Saving money is not easy but once you start saving money for yourself it becomes your habit and it also becomes easy for you to save cash.

You just need to start saving on small things like food, transportation, clothes. Start making a budget, write where you spend your cash keep a journal for that and you will see the changes in a month or two.


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