Save Money For A House In 6 Months


Everyone has a dream of becoming an individual house owner. You have also plan to buy your own home soon or later. But the biggest problem to make this dream comes true is our down payment for that house.

As we all know the savings in hands nowadays very tedious job, due to our expanses. but if you have a certain plan to save money from salary then it is quite feasible to pay down payment for all first home buyers easily.

Everyone nowadays depends on the bank for a home loan but at the same time bank needs to check your payment worth also. Some Government housing schemes can give relaxation in the down payment. But private banks and mortgage lenders need almost 20% of the total capital you need to buy a home.

That’s the main reason we recommend you all to save some money for a house for at least 6 months before going to the bank with a finance application. This is sufficient time for your own research for property also like you can decide which one location is much better in all available options.

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As everyone knows savings is not an easy task. This is applicable for most of the salaried individuals, as the income grows our expenses also grow. Sometimes our expenses are more important than savings. Now we have a certain figure of the amount for a home in our mind that we need to save from salary each month for the next 6 months.

Saving money from salary is very painful, while you have all set of burdens, still, that is not impossible if you have a proper plan of action. That plan of action with force savings is the only way to save money fast for a house.

How to save money for a house in 6 months

To get started you need to start looking for homes in your favorite locations and decide how much money you want to spend on that house.  Once you found some property foreclosures, you have to choose one of the best in your budget.

How Much Need Save?

It is not enough only that you know you have to save some money for a house in 6 months but you need to know how much exactly you need at the time of down payment. That will give you a clear understanding of your goal and you can better plan to save money from your salary each month.

Let’s say an example we need to save $20000 in the next 6 months. So here the clear picture will come to our mind for savings, then we find how we can save $3000  each month from the salary for a house. Use our calculator below to calculate your monthly saving amount for your house down payment.

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  • Make a BUDGET

Aha, it’s very common to feel uncomfortable while you draw a spending line around you. Actually, nobody wants to limit spending. But if you focused on your house goal in the next 6 months, Then you have to stick with your budget.

It may be awkward to say but my friend my goal is to fulfill your house dream. That’s why asking you to do some tricks for focusing your mind. Try to keep your goal in front of you always, like Write down this down payment amount for a house in 6 months and paste it on your front wall. When you decide something that will start happening, as this famous quote you must hear.

Where, There is a Will, There is a WAY……

So if your goal is written, Watch it daily in the morning and before sleep every night. That will keep you motivated for this savings for the house. That will also help to stop all unnecessary spending throughout the day.


Generally, while anyone wants to save money in their regular bank account, this money will not stay there for a long time. This is due to our habit of overspending. To avoid this mistake, you need to set up a separate account for this money-saving for the house.

Try to make it hard to reach that amount so you can not access this amount easily, That will help you a lot. Set a standing instruction for your salaried account for auto transfer into this separate account for best results. You have to make some emergency fund always in your different account. So that emergency will not affect your saving goal for a house in 6 months.

The people who are putting aside big amounts of money to save for a house, make their money inaccessible on a daily basis. This is the main reason, we have always chosen to put the money for the house down payment in a separate bank checking account.


You must calculate your monthly expenses on regular needs, like food, rent or transportation, etc. You can check how you can save money from these recurring expenses. Some of the expenses like Cable TV or expenses on mobile bills can be cut short by some means. Check how to save money on travel also. These small steps can impact huge in your savings.

Keep track of all incoming and outgoing revenues by all means. You can use some financial apps to keep these records on mobile also. Analyze your salary and expenditure at the end of each month. Improve the habit if you spend some extra money that can save in the next month

Actually, there are literally hundreds of ways to save money, but here is a couple of fast money-saving tips that can make a good impact immediately.

  • No More Night Parties
  • Stop Regular Extra Spending
  • Reduce Monthly Bills on (cable, music services, gym memberships)
  • No Travel Outside on holidays
  • Avoid Alcohol To Control Mind also
  • Don’t visit the mall or Target – I bet if you look in your closet you can easily go six months without buying clothing
  • Shave and dye Yourself

These points if you follow regularly, definitely you are achieving some good results in saving money for a house in 6 months.


Every single extra penny you have needs to go into your saving money for a house fund for the next six months. Literally no exceptions.

You’ll be surprised at how much free stuff is available on google when you are willing to learn new skills to make some extra money online.

If Not want to learn any new skills find another way how you can make some extra money in your existing work area. Do some hard work as freelance online to make some money and start saving.

That’s all how to save for a house in six months.