How to save money from salary

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Today we are coving the topic exactly how to save money from salary. To Make it more beneficial for our readers, we found the man(Mr. Gregory) who made it possible with his action plans. So Gregory will share all the information in this post with his real-life experience, when he struck in financial ups & Down, what he has done to come out from that situation, you will know everything in detail.

If you are facing the issues of savings from the salary each month, then definitely you should read this blog post till the end. Here you will get some real-life problems and their solutions in terms of salary and expenses. As financial crises are the biggest problem in human life in today’s era.

Everybody knows as our salary grows, similarly, our expenses are grown similarly even in multiple times due to inflation cause or sudden fallbacks. But here we are not telling you very technical financial terms. We wish to give something logical and very possible solutions without affecting your present situations.

We literally want you became financially free even it can take some time to execute the process and also take more time to show you the effects of financial life.

Attitude must be correct when you read this post because whenever you do anything the results depend 90% on the Attitude towards the work you do. Rest 10% is everything included.

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Potential Areas To save Money From Salary

We are not giving any theoretical or bookish fundamentals here instead we are covering all real things from Gregory’s covering letter. So these are the most useful actions you need to take for saving some funds from your monthly salary.

How to save money from salary every month


Salary & Expenditure Calculations:

First, you have to calculate your monthly expenses and salary ratio. Let’s take an example here if your salary is $1000 and the total expenditures are just about $800 throughout the month. So it 8s the ratio of 80 and 20. Your expenditure is 80% and only maximum 20% money you can save from your salary in ideal conditions. But Gregory feels there is something loophole in this formula.

Situations are not always in favor of us. It’s not easy to save 20% money from salary each month. If it’s so easy then what need we have to discuss here. As I mention this is the case of all ideal favorable conditions only.

Anyway, the real problem is starts when your salary is $1000 and the expenditure is more than your salary like $1200. So you will be under debt of $200 each month until you take some measures. So what do you do?

There are two things you can do in this situation, either you reduce your expenses in daily life or increase your earnings by finding some potential income sources. Which one is most suitable for you, it is all up to you. We will recommend both the way you can follow any or both.

Remember friend saving is not so easy, sometimes you need to force yourself to save money in starting then slowly it becomes a habit.

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Reduce Monthly Expenses:

Today’s life is full of tech gadgets, each family has different subscriptions for different services. You can find some other options to save money on their monthly bills. Like we have given some examples below.

Save Money on Monthly Mobile bills:

Here is the recommendation for saving money on monthly phone bills, in each family, there are multiple numbers of connections active because each member has their own mobile phone. So what you can take a simple step here is you club all these phone numbers into one family plan. In This way, the mobile monthly billing for one member only and each number will use all the calling and calls data under the parent mobile number. You can read more about how to save money on phone calls here in detail.

Utilities In Apartments:

It’s a most important factor to save money you should save money on utility bills in an apartment, like electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, cable tv or internet bills etc. We will explain each potential area of saving.

Electric Bills:

Electricity consumption in each house depends on the number of people stayed in the house pr apartment. So we have explained how to save money on electric bills in an apartment here. You should understand the things saving energy is saving money and the future also. Less energy utilization means less pollution we create for the environment.

Savings on Laundry:

Clean clothes are a necessary need for everyone nowadays and always. So definitely the energy consumption on laundry also increases as time goes. It also depends on the number of members living in a family. But you still can reduce the loads on the washing machine by just using some tricks. Let’s learn in detail exactly how to save money on Laundry.

Save Money On Cable TV or Internet:

Television or the internet is the most essential thing in life now. Especially for entertainment at home the cable or tv is the only thing to pass our free time. As we need to update with the world so we need to watch the news and another telecast on tv, alternatively we can use our internet to be updated.

Now smartphones also required the internet to get their job done. Without the internet, there is no much use of smartphones. Also, the multiple phones in the house increase the expanses in a house maximum are internet bills for each individual connection. So here is in detail how to save money on Cable TV or the internet.

Save on Travels:

Traveling cost is not high always when you are on holidays. But if you are the daily passenger for your jobs or work then also a major expanse for you. If you calculate it properly then you understand how much money you spend each year only on traveling from home to office only.

So it’s also very important to look at the scope for saving money on travels. When you plan for a holiday is outside the state or country then it’s a very big amount you have to spend, however, there are a lot of ways to save money on travel.

Save on Airline Tickets:

Flight tickets are expensive when you booked them at the last time in a hurry, however, if your plan is decided well before some time. You should first find the best offers for flight tickets. That’s a good way to save money on Airline Tickets.

Save on Food When You are Hotels:

Hotels are the necessary things when you go around on tour or any business-related work outside.

Wedding Invitations:

It’s the most precious day for any couple in life. Everyone wishes to record each moment of the wedding ceremony. So they can remember this day through life. But Still, there is the scope of saving money on wedding invitation by which we can manage other important things.

9 Tips To Save Money From Salary


1. Make Budget For Each Month Paycheck

2. Involve With Force Saving by Automatic Sweep Transfer

3. Track Record Your Monthly Expanses

4. Reduce Monthly Costs on Recurring Things

5. Calculate current service providers and other expenses

6. Tweak your utility usage

7. Make access to your money inconvenient

8. Try To avoid online shopping Frequently

9. Get low-cost entertainment ideas

10. Remember, it’s all about paying yourself first


How much of your salary should you save

Personal finance is personal but here is a general rule of thumb for the amount to save from your take-home pay.

50% for living expenses,

30% for lifestyle expenses,

and 20% for savings.

  • Short Term Goals
  • Mid Term Goals
  • Long Term Goals

Plan Savings Structure


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