Save Money On Electric Bill In Apartments

Yeah well, you may also feel like me the electric bill is a non-avoidable expense in every house and every month. That’s why we are discussing here exactly Save Money on Electric Bill in Apartments. Most of us spend some extra money that can be saved on electric bills.

Saving money on the electric bills is not quite easy, this requires a lot of discipline and habits of saving energy.

The Money You Save is that Equal Money you Earned

But Before we explain further, we assure you will get some interesting points here to save a lot of money just by changing some habits. That will sure help to lower electric bill in apartment.

If you are low wage sure you can also save money on minimum wage, you need to follow some steps to get out of financial troublesome.

How Can I Save My Electric Bills

Nothing to worry about, if you follow some of the given tips below you will know how you can save your electric bills every month. But You have to change some of your habits too. Rest sometimes you may also need to change your electric appliances to make them energy efficient.

how to save money on electricity

Save Electric Bills During Winters

Many people think that the electric bill is more in winters, look what electrical engineers suggest me to save electric bills during winters. You can follow these steps to lower your electricity bills hence save money on electric bills in apartments. You can find US energy facts explained here.

Set Thermostat Slightly Lower

Yes, well if you set your thermostat a few degrees lower, you will see a significant amount of energy saving in electric bills. This effect can not measure in one day. But if you follow this through the month, you can compare the bills with a good amount of money-saving in the bill. It doesn’t mean you feel uncomfortable saving money on salary.

Use LED Lights for Energy Savings

You know lights are also important to each house. hence it’s much possible to save energy by using energy-efficient LED lights, which consume less energy and give you full lights. They are very cost-effective also.

Use Heaters or Blowers At Small Area

Use a small heat fan to warm the small space as it’s worthless to use centralized units while still not using a large area. Like if you are sitting in a single room and alone at home, then what’s the logic behind keeping all the rooms warm. Let your single room is sufficient to keep it warm.

Use Proper Winter Clothes to Stay Warm

Of course, you can wear a comfortable sweater, woolen socks, etc to keep your body warm. By using proper clothing also help you to put your thermostat lower as we suggest above point.

Use Blankets to Stay Warm at Night

US Department of Energy also suggests keeping your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees lower at night while you going asleep. These 8 hours of sleep can save your electric bills up to 10 percent in a month. Using blankets at night will help to maintain your body temperature even with the lower thermostat.

Use Free Energy By Direct Sun Light

As the most important energy is given by the sun, that is good for health, clean and you don’t even need pay to make for use of it. Just open your window curtains let that energy come inside. But this may be not possible for some time due to our house direction. In that case, you can ask for an expert on how it comes inside using some mirrors.

Check The Air Leak in House (Sealed If Any)

You must seal all possible leaks found in the house. That will also help to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the rooms. Winter air can also sneak into your house through electrical outlets, light fixtures, AC units, and gaps in your insulation. You must check your attic and basement, as they often hide the worst air leaks.

Use Temporary Insulation on Windows to Trap Heat

As you may know, Temperature is directly proportional to pressure and vice-versa. When the temperature goes up the pressure also goes up. This pressure gradient will force warm air outside through various venting in windows and other channels. You  Put temporary insulation on your windows it will trap the heat inside.

Close Your Fireplace When Not in Use

Many people have a fireplace in the house to keep the house warm during winters. But in case, you are not using that fireplace. it will give you the opposite results. So you need to close its damper properly with insulated sheets.

Water Heater Temperature

During the winter season, the water heater is also one major appliance to increase your bills fast. But that also can be optimized if you just lower few degrees. Some people have always in hurry hence they set their water heater thermostat very high. which is not good but consuming extra energy to do the same work. If You lower it few degrees and give them some time it can save a lot of electric units.

Save Electric Bills In Summers

Here we are given some of the important points for saving money on bills during summers. You can follow these things to lower your electric bills in the summer. This is how to save money on an electric bill…

how to save electricityCheckup for Air Conditioners

It is One of the most important in lowering electric bills and keeping cool is depends on the efficiency of your cooling units. If your A/C unit working properly with the clean filter it can save 5 to 10% energy saving.

Using programmable thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat also saves money as it automatically cut the power when the desired temperature is achieved. It will save a lot of energy when not in use and hence reduce your electric bills.

Unplug the Unused Appliances

Always make a habit to unplug all the appliances when they are not in use for a longer time. Let’s say you are going to market and Turn off the A/C simply. But it’s better to unplug the power it will save an extra amount of energy.

Wear Comfortable Light clothing

Using comfortable light clothing also feels good and happy. It may be possible you feel good in fan-only instead of A/C while you wear comfortable clothes.

Using appliances strategically

Also, use your electric appliances one at a time which consume high power. parallel use of heavy appliances also increases the load on the electric meter. It also increase your energy load, hence increase you electric bills. Like you are not advised to use of hand blenders or mixer while you are using a washing machine another side.

Washing clothes in cold water

Heaters in the washing machine also consume a lot of electricity while washing your clothes in hot water. So you can reduce that amount of energy by just washing your clothes in cold water itself.

Reduce Heat Waste through leak doors and windows

Proper insulation of leaks and vents in the doors and windows can prevent extra expenses of electrical energy. Thus you need to care for these vents. Keep them properly insulated to maintain room temperature.

Consider a prepaid electric bill plan

While you using your prepaid electric bill plan you will always keep in mind how much is left. So your habit of wasting energy will reduce slowly. It is just like you spend more money in the credit card as compared to debit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my electric bill down

As above we have suggested all the basic points to lower your electric bills each month. Whether it is winter or summer you can follow these steps to keep your bill down.

What costs the most on your electric bill

Here I would like to say, our habit is cost the most on our electric bill if we use our suggested points and make improvements in our habit. It will automatically reduce our monthly bill.

Does Unplugging appliances save electricity

many people asking this in our live debate, Does unplugging appliances save money on electric bill and the answer is- Yes of course, as most of the electric appliances consume electricity even they are off. This is why we discussing here ways to save money on electric bill. However, this energy is very less but as a whole, it will impact a great role. So if you unplug an electrical device it will not consume that very little energy also. Even indicator lights of electrical appliances as a whole consume a significant amount of energy. Thats is the reason unplugging is a better option to save money on electricity.

What to do if my electric bill is too high

You note down the electric bill when it comes very high, just follow these steps and compare the resulting reduction in electric bills. This is the only way you save money on energy bills every month.

How can i reduce my electric meter reading

We have suggested some tips here how you can reduce your electric meter reading. Follow these tips to lower your monthly electric bills.