How to deposit a money order


  • Money order works like a check.  You can encash it and transfer it into your bank account.
  • Banks also allow you to cash money order through its ATM’s.
  • Many banks and credit unions allows you to transfer money. It is done in the form of cash in-network ATM.
  • Money order is a good alternative of cash and check.
  • Money order is used making payments when cash or personal checks can’t be used for
  • You can buy this from the post office.

Having a cash and do not want to spend it?

Then you send it in your bank account. Similarly you can also send your money order in your bank account.

Money order is the best and safe alternative of holding cash. You can easily convert this into cash and transfer into your bank account. You can easily transfer cash to anyone using this.

It is a piece of paper that promises to pay money to other party. You and other party to whom you are transferring money sign it. By doing this, its validity is checked.

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How To Deposit A Money Order

What are the other terms used for money order?

  • Banknote
  • Check
  • Cashier’s check

Having a money order and do not want to cash it 100%? Then, you can transfer it partially in your bank account.

How to cash a money order


Maximum banks will permit you to deposit your orders into the checkless checking debts. These days banks provide this service.

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You could also run into issues depositing or obtaining this via a mobile only bank.

You can use your existing saving account to transfer this. You can also use this for your initial account opening deposit. However, having a bank account can save your money and time over the long period.

Depositing a money order is considered same as depositing a check into your account. You can also endorse the back of it. It can also be listed separately (as a check) on your deposit slip.

Use caution whilst using your mobile device to deposit this cash orders. Banks may also require you to deliver the original order for your bank for processing. Many of banks don’t allow banknote deposit in any respect.

Make sure that your bank accepts mobile deposit before you go for one.

If you are holding a banknote or check then you can cash this in the following places:

In Your Bank Account :

Banks provide these services to their customers for free. Sometimes banks might not give you full amount specified in a money order in cash. This happens because of their funds availability policies.

Such policies specify- How much amount in cash you can get immediately. And how much balance of the cash will be available to you within a few business days.

But if you are having a U.S. Postal Service (USPS) money orders- then the entire amount specified in it will be available to you in one business day.

You can also cash your checks through the credit union.

From Money Order Issuer :

If you do not have any bank account, then you can visit money order issuer. This organization prints and backs the money order.

If you cash your banknote through issuer, you will able to minimize your fees. And will get the full amount in cash.

You also have other options to encash your money order. You can cash it at retail outlets like grocery stores having western union or moneygram services.

Can You Deposit Money At An ATM?

Yes, you can use ATM to deposit your money in a bank account. But money order have set limits on transfer through an ATM.

Can you deposit money at an ATM


For example: Bank like Wells Fargo allows you to deposit the maximum of 30 bills and checks in one goat its one ATM.

Can You Mobile Deposit A Money Order ?

Can you mobile deposit a money order

Yes, mobile deposit is possible in a money order. Mobile deposit is a part of electronic transaction that you can perform from your mobile phones and other systems. Some banks like Citibank, Wells Fragoallow this mobile deposit for the money order

What Day Does Unemployment Deposit Money In NY ?

For direct deposit, you have to login with your NY. Generally, it takes five business days in order to set up direct deposit.

But if you are having your debit card with you, then this transfer will be available. It will be available to you within three business days after claiming for weekly benefits.

What Day Of  The Week Does EDD Deposit Money ?

What day of the week EDD deposit money

On Tuesday or Wednesday EDD deposit money. Such benefits are successful after completing its initial claim process. It is done through a debit card or direct deposit. You get the benefits weekly in it.

How To Fill Out A Money Order ?

For filing a money order, you need to have all the required information. It is same for western union or US postal provider.

How to fill out a money order

Mention your name, recipients name and address in the money order. Write account number or order number in memo field. Sign it in the end (purchaser’s signature). But do not sign on the back of the order.

Conclusion :-

In this era of technology advancements, customers can avail many services over their devices and can transact within a minute.

Money order was the first medium of making payments or transferring cash from one person to another, which now became the pioneer in the modern payment processing. This may be a useful way to transfer and acquire cash.

They are extensively well-known way to make a payment, they in no way expire and if they are lost or stolen, they can often get replaced.

A banknote or check is considered as a good and secure method for receiving cash against goods and services, they also don’t have any expiry date.