Endorse A Third Party Check In The Right Manner

Third party check

Here in this article, we explained all about third-party checks and various situation that comes in individual life. Sometimes you may not be able to deposit a check directly yourself. How do you deal with the situation if a friend is also not able to do so? In both of these circumstances, a critical question … Read more

What Is A Check Register And How Does It Work? FREE To Use

what is a check register

The majority of check registers are quite similar. Columns are frequently included to help you organize your transactions. The following are the major components of a check register : Transactional Data Look up the number or the category. Notes or a description of the transaction Credits and debits The balance of your account When you … Read more

Counter Checks: What Are They and How Do They Work?

What Is A Counter Check? Counter checks are temporary checks that your bank branch will provide in the following situations: When you first create a checking account and, When you run out of preprinted checks and need a personal check right away. These are, in essence, generic checks that allow you to access your account … Read more

How To Deposit A Money Order Exactly Correct Way at First Time

How to deposit a money order

Highlights:- Money order works like a check.  You can encash it and transfer it into your bank account. Banks also allow you to cash money order through its ATM’s. Many banks and credit unions allows you to transfer money. It is done in the form of cash in-network ATM. Money order is a good alternative … Read more

Learn How To Write A Check In 6 Simple Steps

How to write a check

Highlights : It is a written mode of making payments. It directs the bank to pay a specified sum to a person whose name is written. It is also treated as a negotiable instrument or person’s order on demand. It can be considered as another way to instruct a bank to transfer funds from the … Read more