Get a free laptop with no strings attached

When we talk about getting a free laptop several factors hinder the process. But here in this article, we’ll talk about how to get a free laptop no strings attached.

There are several programs in which some are initiated by the government, some by organizations or universities.

Even students, veterans, and disabled people have particular programs to get a free laptop. You just have to fill out the application to get your free laptop.

Not only a free laptop, but these programs also offer free-of-cost internet connectivity. These benefits are given to those in need and fulfill their basic demands. It’ll help you with your work, studies, and many more activities.

This article will help you to know about one of the best programs that’ll suit you the best to get a free laptop. If you are interested to know, How Can I Get Free Wi-Fi Anywhere I Go?

If in any case there are any strings attached to it, we’ll tell you solutions to easily get the free laptop. So read it till the end so that you don’t miss any important information.

How Can I Get A Free Laptop No Strings Attached

How much is it possible to get a free laptop? It’s possible! Some of these programs provide free laptops for the benefit of veterans and other students with lower incomes. All it takes is to register and apply.

Apart from free laptops, these programs provide free Internet access to their users. This will help you accomplish most tasks, which include learning, working, and socializing regularly. If you meet any of the criteria you will still get a free computer.

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Ways To Get A Free Laptop No Strings Attached

Laptops have a wide range of uses in several sectors including schools and business offices. Laptops are employed in every field to ease work tasks.

However, now phones have been developed that have many similar functions to laptop models. Nonetheless, laptops are a top choice for all working areas. Find out what you need to get your free laptop without any restrictions.

Laptop computers are unquestionably costly. A good computer system from a large firm like HP or Dell will cost you roughly $300. In most cases, users can obtain laptop computers for free.

If you use cheap shopping sites for your laptops, we have listed various ways to receive free or discounted computer laptops.

Some of the Ways to Get a free laptop with no string attached are mentioned below : –

Free laptop with no participation required

PC’s For People

Since 1998, PCs for People has been helping people by providing free laptop computers. Since then, they have been expanding their business. This could be your chance to finally get a laptop and start your career.

However, there is a requirement that must be met to obtain a laptop.

A receiver will be required to complete a questionnaire, including the following major components to qualify:

  • You must be at or below the 200 percent poverty line.
  • A disabled member of the family
  • Consult a social worker.


This Seattle-based firm connects people who need laptops with laptops. They provide their services on a national scale. Their online store has a large selection of low-cost laptops. Depending on your demands, these are heavily discounted or even free.

They now sell to manufacturers such as Lenovo, Dell, and even Apple! Your demands will determine the price and brand. If you require superior quality, it will cost more, but it will still be significantly below market value. If you’re looking for a desktop, they also provide that.

Seattle Community Network

The Seattle Community Network runs the Computer Giveaway Project, which gives away free laptop computers to those in need. It does state that the waiting list is rather large and that receiving a computer could take up to four to six months.

This website was created to help low-income households find government aid. is ideal for any family looking to re-establish themselves and thrive. Their purpose is to make a difference in the lives of low-income families.

They will provide the following in addition to a laptop : –

  • Workplace education
  • Nutritional Assistance under Medicaid and a lot more

Although they do not specify which laptops are being offered, they are most likely refurbished and will provide several benefits to get folks back to where they want to be.

  • Southern Nazarene University

This university provides two choices. The first option is to obtain a free Dell laptop with no strings attached. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a Mac starting at $700; when compared to tuition, $700 may not seem so bad!

That is ultimately up to you. However, the Dell laptop is said to be powerful. It might be worthwhile to save some money! It all relies on your requirements and objectives.

How Can I Get A Discount Laptop?

It can be difficult for anyone to get free laptops, but some people get great discounts on their old laptops and other items. Perhaps no one can afford a laptop free of charge, but it’s still possible to snag a reduced price.

Coupons may seem absurd or even tiny. Some great companies offer discount laptop prices. Amazon has a large number of good deals that offer free 2-day delivery. It’s ideal for getting laptops at an affordable price. They provide a variety of brands and salespeople.

It’s possible to filter the list according to the requirement of the user. It is all that is required to buy your laptop online.

Free Laptop No Strings Attached For Disabled People

Everyone deserves a PC. A notebook is an excellent way to get there. This is an opportunity to spend some time or earn a lot more. There are some problems. Laptops are very expensive.

This is why some organizations are also offering free computer hardware. These organizations provide free computers for those living traumatically and physically handicapped. They aim at bringing people with disabilities back to their community by giving.

The eligibility process is simple – visit their webpage or answer the following questions.

Disabled children can obtain free laptop computers from a variety of organizations, which will assist them with their academics and other education needs.

Here’s an example of how disabled persons can acquire a free laptop with no strings attached : –

  • Computer Recycled Center (CRC)

The Computer Recycling Center (CRC) is a non-profit organization that gives away free reconditioned laptop computers to those in need.

Despite being based in California, the organization assists people by linking them with local services. People with impairments can register with the corporation and wait for clearance before receiving a free laptop.

  • GiveTech

GiveTech is a non-profit organization that provides free laptops and pcs to people who cannot afford them otherwise. People with physical or mental limitations can apply for a free laptop via GiveTech and live freely while securing their communal space.

Applicants can fill out a survey with crucial questions on the organization’s website. After an indefinite amount of time, they’ll be accepted and given a free laptop with no strings attached. Many of the main brands’ laptops are available.

  • Charities

Did you know that a charitable group can provide you with a free laptop with no strings attached? Thus, take the initiative of contacting local charities. You might also go to and look for any area charity groups.

The application process varies from one nonprofit organization to the next. In addition, the laptops accessible may differ. That counts that these charitable organizations may provide you with a free laptop that you would not have received otherwise.

  • Computer Accommodations Program (CAP)

CAP works to provide free laptop computers to those with disabilities who need them for work. Furthermore, the organization hooks up the disabled to job opportunities around the United States. People with impairments should complete a form and prove their use of a free laptop computer.

  • is a government-sponsored service that aims to assist and serve persons with disabilities. It gives away free laptop computers to people with disabilities and works with them to obtain jobs, education, civil rights, health care, and other advantages.

Any of the main companies will provide qualified applicants with a free or reduced laptop. After completing the application form, you must wait till you are vetted before receiving your machine.

Free Laptops For Veterans

Veterans are very active in putting their lives in danger for their country. Tell me the best option to get back from prison. The best resource would be a laptop. The organization also offers a complimentary laptop for all veterans.

The organization is based in a nonprofit sector with a system that is efficient. Tech For Troops currently receives donations for laptops. They then re-use the laptops and give them to veterans who need them.

With free laptops, veterans can keep working and supporting themselves and their families. Instead of going out in search of a job, they can work online right from the comfort of their homes.

The following are some of the organizations offering free laptops, no strings attached to veterans.

  • ComputerBlanc

Another charity that provides free computers to veterans to help them find work is ComputerBlanc.

The company is based in Illinois, but it supports veterans throughout the country by distributing free refurbished laptop computers. Applicants must present their DD214 card as verification of their veteran status.

  • Tech For Loops

Tech for Loops is a well-known program that provides free laptop computers to veterans. It collects donations of working or non-working computers from various sources and refurbishes them before distributing them to former troops.

The organization’s target audience consists of retired veterans from all branches of the armed forces.

Despite its Virginia headquarters, Tech for Loops serves veterans from across the country. Applicants who can demonstrate their position as veterans are eligible for a free laptop.

Veterans can request free laptop computers from the Veterans Hospital, the VFW, the American Legion, and any other Veterans Service Organization. You may also contact Tech for Loops on its website and ask how to qualify for a free laptop with no strings attached.

  • Combat Veterans To Careers

Combat Veterans to Careers acquires secondhand laptop computers from a variety of businesses before distributing them to veterans in need. They fix the computers after receiving them and provide them to veterans for free.

Other than being the ideal means for veterans to obtain free computers, it also enables people to get rid of equipment that is no longer required. Fill out a form on the company’s website to begin the application process.

Applicants must demonstrate that they are in requirements to search for a new free laptop and can’t afford one. The organization, however, does not disclose how long it takes to process the applications. In that instance, you could be forced to wait indefinitely for a laptop.

Free Laptop From Independent Universities No Strings Attached

Students who want free laptops can apply immediately after admission. Offers new student iPads for the first and fourth term, and laptops during the third term. The device allows students to be in class as they are at home.

Students are allowed to take the free laptop to their home computers as long as they’re signed up. The re-entering student should return it to the University for a full refund if they do not return the device. Even without free laptops, the campus offers a beautiful place for anyone interested in studying.

Free Laptops Without Strings For Low-Income Families

There are various programs aimed at providing laptops to the poor and their parents. The program is available to the public. Several initiatives are government funded and others offer the support of non-profit organizations.

How Do Low-Income People Obtain Free Laptops?

Firstly, there will be a place that provides free laptops. For most of this area, there is little money needed for this job. Each institution will require a certain amount of eligibility and it is recommended to check this first before applying.

Conclusion : –

Laptops are crucial equipment that assists us in performing numerous jobs that require computer assistance. However, not all of us can afford laptop computers, even though they are desperately needed.

Non-governmental organizations provide free laptop computers to the underprivileged. You merely need to apply and demonstrate that you require the laptops. Aside from NGOs, the government offers subsidized laptops through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a Free Laptop for Students?

The free laptop is available at universities or colleges for students. Remote learning can help. Fortunately, a lot of schools and organizations give students laptops for free. How can one get a free laptop without any strings?

Is Dell giving away free laptops?

Important Takeaway. Is there any one thing you want me to know? Both companies will provide free laptops to low-income students. Dell Technology is investing in computers at nonprofit organizations in the US to upgrade their lab.

Can you get a computer for free?

There are free laptops and mobile devices for people who live in poor areas in several countries. The laptop can be a tool to make your child access more educational resources.

Can veterans get free computers? assists persons in need. Those who qualify are given free and cheap Laptops by government organizations and NGOs. This includes providing them.