Free water heaters

During cold weather, it is essential to have a good free water heater. It not only helps to stay warm but also helps us stay away from diseases. Families who suffer from financial crunch aren’t able to get a water heater for themselves.

You can take a sigh of relief since in this article you will learn about the ways through which you can get a free water heater.

This free water and heater for low-income families works efficiently and is a good way through which a family can easily tackle the challenges in cold weather. Stay tuned to reading this article to explore in-depth about it.

Government Programs Providing Free Water Heaters For Low Income

In the United States of America it becomes difficult to sustain without a water heater as the temperature goes down to -10 degrees. Some people can’t bear such huge charges for water heaters due to the financial crunch in the household.

 So, to make sure that they live comfortably, the government has come up with a scheme of providing water heaters to families who cannot afford it. In this way, many people will not fall sick due to the extreme coldness. 

  • HEAP

You simply need to pass the eligibility test to reap the advantages of this program. The home energy assistance program is a popular government program. It is known for helping the people who suffer from financial crunch to pay the charges of both heating and cooling systems which are installed in the houses.

 It even provides free water heaters to the people who belong to the low-income category. You can get a free water heater by applying to this program. This program is run by the federal government. 

This is done to understand the genuine people applying for this program. All that you need to do is fill in the application form and submit all the necessary documents. 

These documents act as evidence that the person who is applying is eligible for it. If you submit the documents adequately then you can get free water heaters.


LIHEAP and the department of health and human services work together in collaboration and provide heating system repairs and install free heating systems. The full form of LIHEAP is a low-income home energy assistance program. 

This program provides grants for HVAC systems. This program also provides free heaters to families who can’t afford them. Even this program is run by the federal government. 

It not only provides free heating systems but also provides heating system repair for the people who cannot bear its expenses.

 You can apply for this program in two ways: online and offline. If you have any questions about it then you can post it on the official website. The professional officials will solve these queries. You can even visit their office to clear your doubts. 

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Locations Based Free Hot Water Heaters

Apart from the programs mentioned in this article, there are multiple programs run by the government. Multiple NGOs also provide assistance with free water heaters to low-income households. Don’t worry about the servicing of the heater as this program also provides free repairs to the water heaters. 

  • Arizona Department of Securities

The eligibility of a person is checked thoroughly before providing a free water heater to its applicants. It works independently from the programs which are funded by the government. 

The Arizona department of security is a program that is completely dedicated to the people who live in Arizona. It also works with government-funded programs like LIHEAP

The people who suffer from financial struggles receive heating services and appliances. You can also apply for this program however, firstly you need to check the eligibility of this program. 

Income is a vital aspect when it comes to eligibility for this program. If you are eligible and submit all the required documents then you will get a free water heater. 

If you are eligible for this program then they will help you in three ways: –

  1. They will pay your current and pending energy bills.
  2. They will help you with the utility deposits.
  3. The Arizona Department of securities will help you in reducing your bills through energy efficiency measures for your house in the future.
  • Energy Outreach Colorado

Energy Outreach Colorado has been working since 1989 to provide assistance to the less fortunate people.

 If you are searching for free water heaters at cheap prices then the best option that you have is the non-profit government organization energy outreach, Colorado. This organization works to provide free water heaters to families who cannot afford it.

 They not only provide heating systems but also repair services. Senior citizens get special assistance for furnace replacement as well as heating system repair. It is working for the citizens of Colorado to provide an energy-efficient and environment-friendly house.

 Even this charity-based organization works with multiple organizations and contractors based in the US. Make sure you go through the eligibility of this program. If everything goes well then you can get a free water heater through this program. Visit Their official website here.

  • HAP

HAP not only works to provide assistance to the Alaskan residents but also ensures well-being and their health. HAP is known as a heating assistance program. 

This program originated to deliver assistance to the residents of Alaska. The people who live in Alaska receive a free heating system from the government through this program. 

This program also provides free water heaters and free furnace replacement to the people who cannot afford it. They also provide energy-efficient water heaters and pay the bills. 

  • HEAT

This program is location specific and works for the citizens of Georgia. HEAT is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families by providing free water heaters. It is a Georgia-based organization and volunteers run this program effectively. It has been working since 1983.

 The main goal of the organization is to help the people of Georgia to fulfill their requirements. They also provide furnaces and repairs. They also help in the replacement of furnaces, and other things like free water heaters for low-income households. 

It is one of the oldest organizations which is working effectively by helping people. It works in collaboration with various Agencies organizations, energy companies, communities, action centers, corporations, and concerned cities. The state government also helps with this.

What Is Free Furnace Replacement?

The free furnace replacement program helps the people who belong to the low-income category by replacing the old furnaces with better and excellent energy-efficient furnaces. This program efficiently helps people who want to replace their old furnaces. 

This program is known by multiple names like the free furnace replacement program, and heating repair replacement program. You will find the availability of this program in the entire US. Thus, you can reap the benefits through any town, village, city, or state.

How To Apply For Free Furnace Replacement?

This program is applicable in the entire United States of America if anybody can apply for this. But there is an eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill in order to reap the benefits, make sure that you go to the eligibility criteria and check out if you are applicable or not. 

Who Provides Grants For HVAC Systems

The people who are confused about HVAC, it stands for Heating, ventilation, and Air conditioning unit. You will find built-in systems in today’s modern houses. However, some houses don’t have an inbuilt system.

Government programs for water heaters

 If you want to have an HVAC system installed in your home then government grants will provide you great assistance. The grants for HVAC can help you install an efficient heating and boiling system in your house. 

  • Weatherization Assistance Programs

The weatherization assistance program is managed by the Department of Energy (DOE). The weatherization assistance program is a grant for HVAC systems that provides a free water heater program. 

This program is to provide assistance to low-income families by providing them with free water heaters and energy-efficient appliances. 

They also provide the cost of weatherizing their houses. It provides advantages to the beneficiaries by providing them with an environment-friendly energy efficient house. They not only provide energy-efficient houses but also free heating services.

 If you are not aware of this then weatherizing has really high charges and it can cost you around $83 or more than that every year. This can make various positive influences on your living conditions.

 To get the benefits of the weatherization assistance program all that you need to do is speak to the local weatherization agency to avail the advantages of grants for HVAC systems.

  • Energy Star Tax Credit

Anyone can apply for this program but you need to be aware of the tax system in the country. The energy star tax credit is supported by the government. 

The government doesn’t sponsor it however, it helps the people to get free water heaters for low-income families. You receive 10% of the cost which is added up to $500. 

Sometimes a particular amount changes from $50 to $300 for an HVAC system purchase. HVAC grants can be used through the energy star tax credit. Through this, the country will become energy efficient which is one of the long-term goals of HVAC grants. 

They also provide tax rebate programs. With the help of this program, you can either get a free water heater or a water heater at a very low price.

How To Get A Free Water Heater From Craigslist?

You must be aware of a popular website named craigslist. People use it widely as it provides a wide range of things to the people who are in need. They offer free of cost or you have to pay some amount deepening upon the category. 

To get a free-of-cost water heater visit the website craigslist and submit the required information and documents. You will come across the eligibility criteria for getting a free water heater. Make sure you submit the right documents as a small mistake can reduce your chances of getting a free water heater.

Frequently Asked Questions

What programs help with utility bills?

The program named LIHEAP (low-income home energy assistance program) helps low-income households to pay their utility bills. They pay heating and cooling energy costs and provide bill payment assistance, Energy Crisis assistance, weatherization, and energy-related home repair.

Where can I get a free water heater?

All the programs mentioned above in the article are run by the government. So you can get a free water heater through this program. 

How to get a free hot water heater?

You can get a free hot water heater through LIHEAP. LIHEAP along with the department of health and human services works to make sure that no one falls sick due to a cold.

How do get grants for water heaters?

With the help of the energy star tax credit and weatherization assistance programs, you can get grants for water heaters.

How to get government grants for hot water heaters for senior citizens?

You can get government grants for hot water heaters for senior citizens by applying in the program named energy outreach Colorado.

How to get a free electric heater for low income?

You can get a free electric heater through grants or schemes run by the government. You can get it even from the local churches in your city. 

How to strap a free-standing water heater?

All that you need to do is try to strap the heavy gauge metal a couple of times. Don’t begin it from the front side. 

Once you wrap one round from the backside to the front side you can follow these steps again. You can fix the strapping into the wall studs with the help of ¼ inch screws with the support of huge-sized washers. 

How to dispose of a water heater?

If you want to dispose of your water heater then you can follow the following tips

  • You can recycle your water heater
  • You can donate it to someone who needs it
  • Place it in the garbage
  • You can either scrap your water heater or take it to the landfill
  • To get rid of your water heater you can approach a junk removal service.

How to replace a water heater?

If you want to replace your water heater then you can follow the following steps and replace it effortlessly.

  1. Switch the gas, water, and electricity lines
  2. Throw away if the water heater has water in it.
  3. Disconnect gas, electricity, and water lines
  4. Detach the vent of the water heater
  5. Remove the old water heater
  6. Connect the new one 
  7. Fix the relief valve and other fittings 
  8. Now you can connect your water heater with the water lines. 

By following these 8 easy steps you can replace your water heater easily.

Where to replace the water heater?

You can replace the water heater at the recycling centers or sell it at a reduced cost. If you want to donate it then you can donate it to the recycling center or the local churches of the town.

How much does it cost to replace a water heater?

The replacement cost of the water heater depends on the size of the tank. A 20 to 30-gallon tank will charge you around $270 to $900.

In this article, we have informed about the ways to get free water and heaters. We hope that you like the article and share it with your family and friends too.

Conclusion :

Free water and heaters play a crucial role in the winter season. Every household needs to have one water heater. Some families struggle from the financial crunch and it becomes difficult for them to get water heaters. We have come up with ways through which a person can get a free water heater.

Make sure you read it and understand the advantages that you can reap with the help of these programs.