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We know it sounds absurd, but is it possible to obtain a free laptop? Well, sure! There are numerous ways to obtain a free laptop. Most often, being a student, a vet, or coming from a low-income family will boost your chances, but everyone is capable.

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The demand for free or discounted laptops to advance in life for things. Job, school, and managing daily life are expanding every day.

In some circumstances, there might be conditions, but if you’re fortunate, you might be able to get a free laptop. Whatever your circumstances, it’s simple to obtain a free laptop. Many of these laptops are high-quality models. This depends on your needs and where you buy them or you can get discounted laptops.

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Free Laptops For Low Income Families

Every family needs a laptop these days, not just for entertainment but also to create money and advance in life.

Free laptop for low income families

Everyone must keep up with the virtualization of the globe. A low-income family could earn money online and improve their status with just a basic laptop.

Here are some fantastic places that give low-income families free or discounted computer.

  • The On It Foundation

The purpose of this organization is to provide low-income families with the necessary technologies. Families with children in elementary school are eligible to receive free computers. They will also give internet connection and computer training in addition to the laptop. Honesty, they are here to help out families in need.

The child must be able to receive free or reduced-price lunch at their school to be eligible for the program. Additionally, one company is advertising a $99 laptop with a warranty.

  • Computers With Causes

An outstanding charity that helps those in need is called Computes for Causes. They are a nonprofit organization whose goal is to give laptops to many people. Particularly to foster home directors and veterans.

You must respond to an application, submit a background check, and have references contacted in order to be considered. They wish to assist people who are in the greatest need. For anyone who “had nowhere else to turn,” this is a fantastic chance to start over and get back on track.

  • Alliance For Technology Refurbishing And Reuse

A collection of charitable groups collectively referred to as the ATRR are distributing computers to families at reduced or no cost. They are scattered all around the US. Consequently, your laptop will arrive quickly and there will be improved communication.

The number of materials that any non-profit may deliver will vary depending on its size. However, if you are in need, they will find a solution. Although they don’t specify what kind of laptop they are, they are all used computers. Thus, although damaged, they have been restored to their previous state.


The purpose of this website is to link low-income households with government aid. Their goal is to improve the lives of low-income families. Additionally to a laptop, they will provide the following:

  1. Work experience
  2. Medicaid
  3. Nutritional Support
  4. Plenty more

These laptops perform like new and offer numerous advantages to bring people back where they want to be. Even though they do not specify what laptop they are, which makes them most likely refurbished. is excellent for any family looking to expand and get back on their feet.

  • EveryoneOn

Another nonprofit, EveryoneOn, is dedicated to assisting more than 1 million people in acquiring affordable computers. It is a fantastic strategy to seek a free or discounted laptop. They also seek to assist individuals in getting an internet connection.

Each applicant must enter their zip code and respond to a few questions to be accepted. The fact that this questionnaire is much shorter than those from other companies is an added plus. On their website, computers are listed for roughly $150. They don’t say what kind of computer it is.

Government Free laptop for College Students

Free laptop For college students, laptops are the most essential and valuable tool. Whether they’re taking online classes or working on school projects, computers are a requirement. Completing their project job would be nearly impossible without computers.

Every college student who uses a laptop to finish their studies needs access to free government internet and a laptop. But how many students can afford laptops is the real issue.

How to get a free laptop from amazon

Isn’t it true that only some pupils whose families make an average or above-average income can buy laptops? That is the reason the government gives free computers to low-income households.

However, asking for a free laptop from the government outright will not work. There are a few forms you must fill out and requirements you must meet to receive a free laptop from the government.

A few NGOs and organizations can also assist you in acquiring laptops for students without charge. The list of organizations that can help you get laptops for college students is listed below.

The Open Education Database

In general, the Open Education Database organization distributes iPads, laptops, and computers to their list of online colleges. However, not everything is available for free; the cost must be included in the students’ college academic costs.

These groups give away laptops and other items; some do so practically for free and others for a small fee. The Illinois Institute of Technology, Purdue University, and Rochester College are a few of the universities that the group has assisted.

Notebook For College students

In Los Angeles, California, a group of professors and college students founded this organization in 1998. The organization put a lot of effort into ensuring that college students who struggle with classwork have easy access to a computer.

They have spoken with numerous computer manufacturers and renovated laboratories. To obtain discounts for their college students who sign up for classes.

To give college students free laptops, they negotiated for low costs. The group’s objective is to grant each student all they require for their coursework.

Technology For The Future

North Carolina-based Technology for the Future offer technological solutions in Canada and the US. The organization’s mission is to give kids, along with members of their families and other groups, access to technology via laptops.

Free Laptops For People With Disabilities

Due to their inability to travel for work or locate acceptable employment nearby, people with disabilities find it extremely difficult to obtain free laptops.

And it is improbable that they will ever be able to afford to do so. According to their technical support. It is doubtful that they will find a suitable laptop, even if they manage to get a free one.

The question then becomes whether it will be beneficial for them due to the health issues they have. There are many ways to provide access to free laptops for people with disabilities who can afford them.

Here is a list of disability advocacy groups that promise to provide free computers for individuals with impairments.

Do check your community library for any grants that might be available.

There are a few circumstances where your local library can offer free grants and laptops to persons with impairments. They offer all types of technical support to low-income disabled people. So they can buy a new laptop or offer free computers for them.

It is better for you if your local libraries offer grants to help the disabled. If your local library has a website, be sure to check it out so you can see what grant information is posted.

Charitable Organizations That Assist Disabled People

On occasion, especially when it comes to people who are at risk of exclusion. We fail to give socialization the importance it merits in terms of development and wellbeing.

Therefore, organizations that work with people with disabilities are essential. For enabling them to contribute as much as possible to active and normative lifestyles.

These institutions offer not only the opportunity to interact with others. But also knowledge, stability, integration, a sense of belonging to a group, and lastly their wellbeing. Which also has an impact on their immediate surroundings.

Many charitable organizations offer grants to help persons with impairments. Like free transportation for the disabled or free laptops so they may access public networks. Visit to learn more about the charities and organizations that might be able to assist you with your technological issues.


For anyone with a disability, this website from the US Department of Labor offers helpful resources. For work, housing, or the gadgets needed for a pleasant lifestyle. Even if there is nothing available right now, accessible government resources can change every year. So you might wish to save this website for future use.

  • GiveTech

GiveTech is a charity, but it does not always hand out computers for free. On the contrary, it makes it easier for persons with disabilities to get the assistive technologies they need to use computers.

People who have lost or are missing limbs may be eligible to receive talk-to-text software to help them communicate with a computer.

Those who qualify must meet three requirements. They must be financially eligible for assistance. Have a significant physical impairment that prevents them from using a computer. And have a vital need for a computer. You can fill out the form on your website for yourself or another person.

  • Jim Mullen Foundation

Jim Mullen was a Chicago police officer when he was shot and injured in 1996, which caused him to become disabled. Mullen was initially given the technology known as Tracer by GiveTech.

Which allowed him to once more use computers in the same way as everyone else. Mullen established this database to help others with physical or mental impairments obtain computers without charge after the episode.

  • The Beaumont Foundation Of America

This business focuses on improving the lives of the elderly, underprivileged children, disabled people. And anybody else in need by giving them access to essential services they might not otherwise have. One of those charitable gifts for eligible recipients could be a computer.

The Beaumont Foundation of America places particular emphasis on education in these areas. Ensuring that everybody in the country has access to the resources they need to advance. Children and young people may be qualified for an annual award from the company.

Free Laptops For Veterans

Veterans are the most devoted and hard-working. They are willing to risk their lives for the United States. What can they do when they return to duty after serving for so long?

A laptop would be one of the best options for helping them locate a job or another source of income. All veterans can receive free laptops from these great organizations as a result.

  • Tech For Troops

This nonprofit organization has a very effective system. Working or broken computers are presently welcomed for donation by Tech For Troops. After that, they will refurbish (look new) the laptops and distribute them to deserving veterans.

This group assists every veteran they can and receives laptops of every make and model. Despite being based in Virginia, Tech for Troops provides services across the US.

You must be a veteran to be eligible, and they will require identification before giving out a free laptop.

  • Combat Veterans To Careers

Similar to TechForTroops,  this organization accepts donations for veterans who require computers for the troops. This system is excellent for helping veterans and others get rid of their laptops. Any laptop will be accepted, fixed and then given to veterans.

On their website, you must answer a series of questions to qualify. To prevent fraud, they want a lot of documentation.

The duration of the process is unknown. In any case, this is an excellent approach to obtaining a free laptop!

  • ComputerBlanc

This company supports veterans in some way. Although ComputerBlanc is situated in Illinois, it serves the entire country. They are aware that when a service member leaves the military, they will require a means of support. How?

Laptops. Possibly the best way for veterans to generate money is via this tool. From their laptops, they can access resources, jobs, or even generate money.

You must be a veteran with a DD214 card to be eligible. The refurbished computers are nearly brand-new.

  • Lenovo

Lenovo is supporting those who have served. Anyone in the military, a veteran, or a family member will receive a 10% discount on all their computers. The reduction will help bring the cost of these laptops down a little bit, and they have excellent evaluations.

Visit their website and complete the necessary fields to purchase one of their PCs at a discount. You can decide how much you want to pay because this discount is available for all goods and computers.

  • Facebook Marketplace

This is a convenient approach to obtaining a free or much-reduced laptop. People are getting rid of their laptops all-around your neighborhood. The savings matter more than whether some are brand-new or used.

There are many different brands, and every price is negotiable. Visit Facebook, navigate to the marketplace section, and type in “laptops” to start experiencing the benefits!

Depending on what you and the seller are comfortable with. You’ll need to have it sent or meet in person to get the laptop.

  • Tech For Troops

A rapidly expanding nonprofit group called Tech For Troops works to close the digital divide for veterans and their families. They achieve this by distributing free, reconditioned laptops obtained by donations to soldiers and their families.

Contact your local American Legion, VFW, Veterans Hospital, or other Veterans Service Organization. And ask them to begin the process using the contact form on their website.

Free laptop And Internet From The Government

Making sure one benefits from government programs is essential for lower prices because they are widely available. All markets offer government-free prices that are determined by several various factors. That has been predetermined by the national governmental bodies.

Long-term savings on your electrical cost are possible with any of these actions. Whatever your reason for needing a notebook may be, it’s easier than ever to receive one for free today.

The fact that the government provides internet access and notebooks is true since a Federal program makes it possible. To give away free notebooks to low-income families, students, and people who are working on research projects.

It’s important to confirm that you are enrolled in the greatest program possible to assist you. In paying for your meals, housing, utilities, health care, and other necessities of life. However, what degree of clearance is required when choosing who is to benefit from the free deals?

The level of income, veteran status, students, children, the less fortunate, and refugees are a few examples of such eligibility requirements. There are ways to obtain free government internet and a notebook, whether you need them for work or school.

Many people might be surprised to learn that there are numerous government and nonprofit programs. That helps give free laptop to people who need them.

Are You In Need Of Free Internet Access?

In keeping with this, you ended up for a free PC or PC (ideally! ). But now you’re worried about having to pay for the internet. The fact that the web will typically cost at least $30 per month for a choice. That might be faster than the speed of a turtle makes this a real problem.

To prevent your new PC from going to waste, here are some helpful choices for finding free or easy internet providers. Both within and outside the home.

  • Use Local Free Wi-Fi

Within 10 minutes of your home, you may probably find a couple of locations with free Wi-Fi for guests. One of my own top choices would be the library. Being surrounded by books isn’t horrible overall, it’s peaceful and pleasant. A café or inexpensive dining option is an additional choice.

The majority of McDonald’s restaurants offer free WiFi and comfortable places to sit, which are great for housing a PC.

  • Check Out Freedom Pop.

Free Internet access is available to qualified individuals thanks to a service called Freedom Pop. By putting the postal area on the website, you can determine whether your location is a qualifying zone.

You will receive a free portable hotspot from FreedomPop to use with your Internet connection. For your first month, you’ll receive 10GB of free internet, followed by 500MB for the following few months.

  • Lookup For Municipal WiFi Networks

There are a few places that have what is referred to as a civil remote organization. Which offers free internet And network access to the city or town. You can check here to see if there is something similar in your area.

Even if you can only use it for a few hours a day since you don’t have internet access at home. It could still be quite useful if you occasionally need the internet for work or school. Explore more 11 completely legal ways to access the internet for free at home.

To learn how you can obtain a low-cost or free laptop, be sure to check at the organizations we have listed.

Who Can Receive Free Laptops?

Let’s imagine that recently, the telecommunications sector has been actively providing government telephone & online services at a discounted rate and practically no cost. The national government’s incentives program is used to help low-carb earners with essential living costs like food and medical care.

Looking for a governmental free laptop and the internet from? You can search for work online by getting your free government internet and laptop. Additionally, getting a notebook will enable you to enroll in free online courses and connect with networks and organizations. That could alter your life.

You can occasionally watch TV, search for information, attend job fairs, attend community activities, & engage online. Long-term savings on your power cost can be achieved by any one of these activities. Whatever your reason for needing a notebook may be, it’s easier than ever to receive one for free today.

Who Qualifies For Free Laptops And Computers From The Government?

Since the federal government provides grants, as you are fully aware, it is not possible to assist everyone. The government sets rigorous eligibility requirements because it already has a finite amount of money.

However, depending on the federal government’s resources and your locality, the eligibility rules are relatively simple. However, there are several requirements for qualifying that apply across the board. The following is a list of the typical eligibility requirements that are used:

  • Citizenship in the United States is required.
  • You must have a valid ID (such as a driver’s license, voter ID card, or social security number). By visiting the federal government’s official website, you can learn more about ID proofs.
  • Additionally, the applicant must include a valid address on the application form.
  • Additionally crucial is the applicant’s submission of a pertinent document showing their source of income. (Tax Return Slip or Salary Slip)

Is It Possible To Obtain A Laptop For Nothing?

Yes, low-income individuals can receive a free computer without having to do anything. We’ve already discussed a few nonprofits, for-profit businesses, and public institutions. That have stepped forward to support low-income families by giving them free laptops from the government.

These organizations’ major goal is to use cutting-edge technology to assist the poor and those who are struggling.

Students already enrolled in high school or college are eligible for free laptop programs offered under the low-income households program. But you should exercise extreme caution because numerous con artists around nowadays are prepared to con you at any time.

As a result, you must exercise caution while registering for one free laptop from whatever organization. You should only trust legitimate websites, and it is best to learn much more about the free government internet and laptop program. By going to the official website of the federal government.

We are aware that there are numerous government grant frauds. But the truth is that there are numerous reputable organizations that assist by giving away free computers.

How To Purchase A Budget Laptop

We’ve described methods for you to obtain a laptop without spending a cent on it. But there are many other things you may do to buy a laptop for a reasonable price.

Free laptop application

The techniques listed below won’t buy you a pc for free, but they’ll get you one at a significant discount. You can therefore spend as low as $90 on a laptop instead of having to pay $400 or more!

Use Ebates To Shop And Receive Discounts And Rewards

You may save a tons of money by using Ebates, a rebate and a coupon website. Anyone looking to shop while saving money should visit the website, in our opinion. You can get some fantastic laptop bargains on Ebates.

For instance, a laptop via Dell Outlet had a deal which saved customers 35% and gave customers 10% cash back. You’re effectively getting a laptop for 45 per cent less money!

There is still another offer from the Dell Outlet available as well, giving you a 45 per cent discount on several laptops. In addition to an additional 14 per cent off of any Latitude model as well as a 10 per cent cashback offer. You might be able to save 69% on a laptop! The Dell store is also offering a 10% cashback promotion.

Visit ConnectAll

At, low-income individuals who fit specific requirements can purchase laptops for a discounted price. A laptop is available for as little as $109.

Purchase A Budget Laptop From Amazon

A laptop can be purchased for a bargain on Amazon. Given that refurbished computers are usually sold at a fraction of what a new laptop might cost you. You can locate many used/refurbished laptops for low prices.

You can purchase one without having to fulfill any limitations, including those related to low income.

Assistance Corps At A Significant Discount (CTAC)

With the Computer Technology Assistance Corps, you can get a laptop for as little as $100 (CTAC). Through this program, low-income households, non-profits, libraries, faith-based organizations, and schools have received more than 3,500 computers.

From Dell Reconditioned, Save Money On A Refurbished Laptop

Consider purchasing a Dell laptop from if you want to purchase a laptop at a lower cost.

Dell Refurbished, as the title suggests, offers refurbished Dell computers. This is a nice method to get your palms on a laptop from a well-known brand. But at a significantly lesser price because refurbished computers are far less expensive.

These machines may be purchased by anyone. So if you’re looking for a cheap laptop but aren’t on a tight budget, this is an excellent store to visit.

Buy A New Laptop From Amazon By Exchanging Your Old Items For It

Each of us has possessions around the house that we seldom use. Such as unread books or outdated DVDs that Netflix has taken the place of.

With the help of the Amazon Trade-in programme. You can exchange your used video games, Kindle e-readers, books, and other things for an gift card.

By using this gift card to purchase a refurbished laptop, you’ll save even more money when purchasing a laptop from Amazon.

Purchase A Cheap Laptop At Comcast’s Internet Essentials

You might be able to purchase a laptop at a reduced cost if you subscribe to Internet Essentials. Simply apply to be accepted.

After that, you’ll be able to order your laptop online or over the phone.

Search For Affordable Laptops On eBay

To sell pcs for cash, so many individuals still utilize eBay. New laptops, used, or reconditioned can be purchased on eBay at fantastic discounts. Simply make sure the merchant is reputable before making a purchase.

If You’re Self-Employed, Ask Your Tax Advisor

If you’re self-employed and use the laptop for business purposes. You could be able to write off a portion of the purchase price. To find out if you may write off a laptop, just talk to your tax counselor.

Avoiding Free Laptop Scams

As you’ll see, there are a tonne of methods to receive a free laptop or at a significant discount. In the section above, we’ve highlighted reputable companies that give out laptops for free as well as effective ways to do so.

However, not all locations and chances to receive free computers are authentic. Unfortunately, there are many more frauds out there. Many people want to take both your identity and your money.

Always use caution when browsing the internet, and do your homework first.

The following advice can help you avoid free laptop scams : –

  • Before you apply for a free laptop from the government with a business that we haven’t listed. Make sure to read reviews and check with organizations such as Trust Pilot and also the Better Business Bureau.
  • Your social security numbers should never be disclosed.
  • Unless you are positive that the website is trustworthy, avoid disclosing your date of birth.
  • Never divulge passwords.
  • Before applying, carefully read the terms and conditions.

Conclusion : –

There are numerous options for getting a laptop for nothing.

Some organizations assist low-income families and individuals, as well as simple strategies. Like signing up for rewards programs that let anyone receive a free laptop.

You can use our advice to obtain a free or significantly reduced laptop whether you have a low income. They are homeschooling or college students, or are simply looking to save money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free laptop giveaways: Are they real?

Giveaways are not a scam. Many organizations offer giveaway programs, therefore you must go to well-known, dependable groups.

In addition to this group, there may be others in your community that can provide you with one free laptop. Before submitting your application, you must research the organization and government initiatives.

Is it conceivable to provide low-income families with free laptops and free internet access?

Yes, you can locate organizations that will provide you with free internet access, but, rarely, they will also give you a free laptop. However, several nonprofit organizations can provide you with free computers and internet access.

On the internet, you can look up these kinds of businesses. A few businesses, including AT&T, offer internet services at lower costs as well. Additionally, you must satisfy the requirements established by that specific organization to be eligible for the free wifi services it offers.

How Can You Cut Costs on Wireless Phone Service?

You must meet the requirements of the lifeline program to receive discounts for your free wireless phone services. You can save a tonne of money once you are approved for the wireless internet service through the government’s lifeline program.

Check out the official government site if you want to learn more about who is eligible for the program.

Where can I find a laptop computer for my kid for nothing?

Your child’s school or local library is the perfect option if you seem unable to buy one for them. Ask your PTA/PTO, guidance counselors, school board members, or school officials for grants or rentals for student-use devices.

The school will most likely give your child a free gadget to use for schoolwork if they are enrolled in online learning.

The majority of public libraries offer either on-site or rental computers. You might also be able to get free devices locally by getting in touch with your local librarian.

How can I receive an Apple laptop for free?

We all know exactly how much each iPad or Mac book costs because they are made by well-known Apple Inc. Apple Inc. does not directly provide free Macs or iPads to users or those in need. However, several agencies and groups are addressing this issue and providing these free laptop from the government to those who need them most.

Participating in online surveys & free promotions that provide free Mac books and iPads is the greatest way to obtain one.